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1. Which ramp is better to choose?

The ramp must be selected according to the technical parameters: load capacity, length of the ramp, width of the ramp, slope, lifting height of the loading area, suitability of the structure for working conditions. Do you have special non-standard requirements? Call 29442747

2. What is the load capacity of the mobile ramp?

The standard carrying capacity is 7t or 12t. By individual order we can make a ramp with a load capacity of up to 50t. First, determine the unladen weight of the truck!

3. Are the ramps guaranteed?

All ramps and other products have a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. The products will last for many years if you follow the operating instructions during operation!  

4. Where can I see the ramps?

You can see and try the ramps in Aizkraukle, Randēnu Street 10, by prior arrangement.

5. Does it meet EU technical and safety standards?

Only materials that meet the quality standard are used in production. The products comply with the health, safety and environmental requirements of the European Economic Area, are certified in accordance with EU standards and bear the CE mark.

6. Ramp production deadline?

Mobile ramps in standard sizes with standard load capacity are available for purchase immediately and are usually delivered within a few days from the base in Aizkraukle. Production of individual solutions can take up to 6 weeks.

7. Is it possible to make a ramp to individual order?

Yes we will make any type of ramp according to your technical requirements. Individual orders are made within 4-6 weeks.

8. What is the weight of the ramp and how to transport it?

Standard ramp weight is from 3000-3500kg depending on the modification. The size of the ramp corresponds to the size of a truck and a 40 ”foot sea container, and no special transport is required to transport them.

9. Which companies use mobile ramps?

All that require loading / unloading from the ground level in trucks or sea containers. These are timber companies, manufacturing companies, food producers and trading companies. Call 29442747 and we will share our experience

10. Where are mobile ramps manufactured?

The ramps are manufactured by a metal processing company that has been specializing in the production of loading ramps for 10 years and supplies companies in Eastern Europe and Asia. More than 10 standard mobile ramp modifications are produced every day.